Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A lucky walk

I try every day to go for a walk. It gets me out of the office and helps me recover from the exhausting commute from my bedroom to my desk, a distance of fifteeen (yes 15) metres. I often take my camera and it never ceases to amaze me how I can get different photographs of the same things every time.

Today was special. The light was really good; winter-low sun in the south western sky illuminating towering cumulus cloud formations. As usual I walked through the cemetary following the same route as described previously.

Grand Union Canal looking towards Ladbroke Grove. Loving the cloud structure. Click to enlarge.

It always pays to look back behind you when the light is good. The mundane can become magical and I am so glad that I looked behind me because I got this shot below.

Cemetary Trees (Poplars?) I tweaked this in Lightroom, almost totally de-saturating then tinting it with split toning - blue for highlights, green for darks (just the merest hint, mind). Click to enlarge.

I'm working on a slow moving (no rush) personal project of making photographs of natural abstracts - or man made things abstracted by nature. I am into reflections big time. and got one really good shot today.

Mitre Bridge, Willesden. I flipped this image back round the 'right' way up.

I carried on down the canal and got this shot of the gasometer. Its nothing special angle-wise, but it just works. I blame the textures, the symmetry and the rust colour - the saturation of which I cranked up in Lightroom, converting an ordinary pic into something less so.

Gasometer, Ladbroke Grove. Click to enlarge

Finally, I reached Sainsbury's where luck, light and nature gifted me this:

Pigeons, Ladbroke Grove. I like the way the line of the clouds is countered by the 'verticals' of the building's cladding. De-saturated the image then overlayed a dark blue graded tint in Photoshop to give the sky a bit more oomph. Click to enlarge.

Oh, and I got this. I'm still wondering whether I did a clever thing or was just being pretentious.

Bandwidth humbled by a wooden pole.

Finally, it is snowing. In October.

Snowflakes. Yet more evidence of global warming. Oops! climate change. Don't get me started!

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