Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plundering the archives...

I've recently been adding photographs to my RedBubble gallery as well as completely rearranging my catalogues of images - everything shot since 2003.

I now use Adobe's exceptional Lightroom as my main tool for organising my images and am slowly converting the chaos that moving my iPhoto library caused, into some semblance of order. I am still scratching my head a bit as to where vast tracts of my archives lie, but I'm sure I'll eventually find them. I hope.

Anyway, what I wanted to do today was simply show you a few of the images I made since 2003 in the hope that you'll be impressed.

Here goes:

Wet Cobbles (2008)

Click to enlarge. Copyright 2009 Paul Davey Creative

I shot this image in the cobbled surface at the entrance to The Tower of London at Tower Bridge. It had been raining and I’d been photographing reflections – one of those days when I was right in the groove!

Prints of this image in various shapes and sizes are for sale here.

Datchet Dawn (2003)

Click to enlarge. Copyright 2009 Paul Davey Creative

This photograph was taken from the bridge over the River Thames at Datchet, about half a mile from Windsor Castle. England was suffering from a heatwave and I got up very early to try and get some shots before the temperatures rose too high. (I come from Africa where it can get very hot but I have never been as uncomfortable as I was in the 38c temperatures later that weekend!)

I particularly remember gorgeous cool stillness of that morning as I wandered around the area looking for photographic opportunities.

If you want to purchase this photograph, its avilable in various styles/sizes here.

Bournemouth Pier (2007)

Click to enlarge. Copyright 2009 Paul Davey Creative

I captured this image when I was in Bournemouth to shoot my son’s band which had a show there that evening. There was a long wait between sound checks and when they were to go on stage, so I went AWOL…

England V Wales (2004)

Click to enlarge. Copyright 2009 Paul Davey Creative

On my way back from a commercial shoot I decided to try and find close access to the Severn Bridge carrying the M4 motorway into Wales. I eventually managed to find the road leading to the underside of the bridge and enjoyed an hour or two’s R’n’R and shooting before deciding to do the same with the other Severn crosssing.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Available for sale as a greetings card, laminated print, mounted print, Canvas print or framed print from

I do apologise to the handful of you who read blog for my failure to post since January 2nd. There is a good reason: I was too lazy.

I have spent weeks procrastination about which online 'showcase I will sign up to so as to display and hopefully sell, some of my photographs. In the end, I decided to sign up with two, deviant art and redbubble.

Tower Bridge
Hopefully a more "gritty" image of this much photographed landmark.

Available for sale in various sizes and guises here.

Of the two, redbubble seems to offer the better finished product - and a generally more mature membership; its more serious. I have so far found deviant art to be rather "high school", but we'll have to see. I am only using its non-subscriber service until such time as (if) I feel its worth spending the money to sign up. Its all about costs and benefits.

I have so far sold (Thanks mate- you know who you are) one photograph through Redbubble (It will be slow to build up sales) and have made, wait for it, a profit of £7.20 - which is my 20% mark-up over cost price. So I will not be buying my Dutch barge any time soon :-)

Cutty Sark
This stylised image is of the hoarding that surrounds the dock where the Cutty Sark is being restored in Greenwich. It was one of those "white sky" days, so I gave it a subtle tweak in Photoshop!!
Available for sale here.

What I have little doubt tat I will be doing in the fullness of time is signing up to SmugMug's pro service. But I need cash and want to be selling only my very best 12-25 Megapixel Tiffs from there. Those photographs will be obscenely expensive and in very limited issue.

Work is a bit slow at the moment - typical of this time of year but I do have a few jobs that I'm churning through with a couple of other potential opportunities in the offing.